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Eyes Wide Open

Christy Lozano Emits Amazing Role Model Leadership Behavior

These last couple of years have opened my eyes to the fact that my eyes were closed before. And having closed eyes is most harmful when it comes to shaping the youth, the future of Santa Barbara. For that is why I write this letter. I love Santa Barbara, I love the community, and I care tremendously for its well-being. Yet I sit with a broken heart, watching the youth reflect academic and behavioral fails. How can this be the result in such an iconic location? The answer is poor leadership. And now is our rare opportunity to fix this problem!

To fix this, there needs to be accountability for educational outcomes, that way we can achieve the results that Santa Barbarians deserve. Christy Lozano has been watching this lack of accountability up close, so she is rising to the occasion, bringing a call for transparency of our county school district’s financial expenditures and curriculums, for us community members and parents to see.

Lozano’s also bringing her genuine concern, her integrity, and her passion to help. She has already exemplified embodying social justice in her 18 years teaching K – 12, working with disadvantaged children and youth. She has the spirit of a true coach and cheerleader, who sets highest expectations rather than the lowest, and encourages the weak to be strong. Just ask her how many of her remarkable students ran 100 miles?

Christy Lozano definitely emits amazing role model leadership behavior. For anybody that doubts her, I implore you to vocalize those doubts to her personally, and allow her the chance to win you over. Though it’s not about winning us voters over, it is about the children winning. Let not our possibly convoluted and closed eyes backfire onto the children. If we want a better world, we need to act locally, and we need to act now, by voting for Christy Lozano.

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