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Christy Lozano for Superintendent

Updated: May 16, 2022

Op-ed on Christy Lozano.

I support Christy Lozano for superintendent. She is a teacher who is in the classroom with our children. She knows what they need to succeed. In addition, she has stood up for what is right, despite the consequences to herself as evidenced by her going on national TV to expose the racial injustices in our schools. She is a person who puts children’s needs above hers, and this is exactly what we need for our children!

Under Salcido academics have failed, racial incidents have increased, teen suicides are up 51 percent, and over half the children cannot read and write at grade level. Meaning, their education can’t get them into our local colleges.

Do you think our education is successful? Do you know any children who have been suffering in schools — your children, friends, your grandkids?

Vote for someone whose actions show she puts children’s needs above her own, someone who is a teacher in the classrooms and sees the disparities, knows how to help the children succeed, and is capable of actually following through. Christy Lozano is my vote.

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