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Christy Lozano Calls for an Open, Civil, and Substantive Discussion on the Future of our Schools

An Announcement from Chirsty Lozano

Santa Barbara, CA: Christy Lozano calls for an open, civil, and substantive discussion on the future of our county schools. This discussion may be labeled a forum or a debate. It can take place in person (better) or over zoom or TV. But it must be hosted by an organization genuinely committed to open, civil, and substantive discussion among the two candidates for County Superintendent of Schools.

Christy Lozano stated “If we are to work together and achieve the successful educational system the people of Santa Barbara County deserve, we must have the courage to discuss – honestly and fully – the real challenges facing us today. “

Christy Lozano believes that “our Santa Barbara County schools must rebuild trust with teachers, parents and the community by embracing transparency in curriculums, budgets and vendors.” She continued, “It is unacceptable that more than half of our students are not proficient in English and nearly two thirds are not proficient in math. We must refocus attention on positive educational outcomes by expanding what works and ending what doesn’t.”

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