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A Vote for Christy Lozano

Christy Lozano Has the Grit, Energy, and Determination to Turn Our County Education Office Around

The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Thus it is with the incumbent Superintendent of Schools. Why would anyone looking at the facts vote for the incumbent? In her 15 years at the County Office of Education, she has not improved the academic outcomes for our children under her leadership. The current incumbent is the failing the students, their families, and the community. She keeps on using the same methods, methodologies, and ideologies that clearly are not working, yet she expects your vote. Only 34 percent of the students in Santa Barbara County are proficient in math, and only 47 percent are proficient in English. Those are failing grades for anyone, much less the incumbent Superintendent.

The incumbent says she has years of experience, but does her experience generate any positive educational results? Just look at the 102 students under her direct care at the County Board of Education. Their results have steadily declined under her tenure, to a point so low that that it cannot possibly get any lower. None of the 102 students under her direct care are proficient in English. None of the 102 students under her direct care are proficient in math. Zero. From a taxpayers perspective she has failed in her fiduciary duty. From a moral level, it is far worse. Without real skills, these students don’t stand a chance in our increasingly competitive and challenging world.

I will vote for Christy Lozano for County Superintendent of Schools. She has the grit, energy, and determination to turn our County Education Office around. I’ve known Christy personally. She is well equipped to meet all the challenges of the job and heal the wounds and divisions in our schools. Christy understands that the children have been put in the crosshairs of educational divisiveness both locally and nationally. This is truly a tragedy that must be overcome and will only be overcome by taking politics out of the classroom. Christy has the moral strength, good character, affability, and vision to lead. Nothing is more important to the future of our county and our country, than raising up and fully preparing the next generation of young people with the skills and character to succeed.

To learn more about Christy Lozano, please check out her website

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