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The Goodland Deserves Good Schools

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Why I Am Running

Hi, Goleta Union School District! I am running for Goleta Union School Board because I believe our schools can do better.  As a veteran teacher, parent, and PTA vice-president, I know we can.


While the Goleta Union School District has historically done an adequate job of educating white students, Latino students are being left behind.  Over 50% of Latino students are not proficient in English or Math.   No Goodland family should be disempowered, frustrated, and without hope, and all Goodland families deserve a shot at a world-class education.


Parents, teachers, and the community deserve transparency, accountability, and a voice at the table. It is time to reject partisanship and refocus on educational outcomes for all.


Join me in building a solid and diverse educational foundation for every student, a life-long love of learning, and a well of meaningful knowledge to sustain and draw from for the rest of their lives.


Together, we can strengthen our school district leadership and ensure all students in the Goodland are on the right track. 

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About Christy

Teaching in Santa Barbara has been Christy’s passion, love, and career for the last 18 years. During her tenure she has been a Physical Education teacher, Leadership teacher, Department Chair, Union Representative, Teacher-In-Charge, Head Coach of the Girls San Marcos Soccer Program, a trained LCI Bicycle Instructor, and advocate for our youth.


As a mother of a teenage daughter, Christy knows that relationships are the foundation to making profound and lasting positive change within our society.   Christy’s daughter had attended La Patera, in Goleta Union SD, from K thru 6th grade and Christy herself volunteered in the classroom and served on the PTA as Vice President. 


She has taught 8 years at the High School level (Dos Pueblos and San Marcos),

4 years at the Junior High level (La Cumbre and Santa Barbara Junior High), and 6 years at the Elementary level (McKinley and Cleveland). She has taught all grade levels and especially loves teaching Elementary School. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a Master's Degree in Art with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and an Administrative Services Credential from Cal Lutheran University.  


She loves seeing students learn - it is her passion.


Christy is also a United States Air Force Veteran and proudly served our country in wartime during the events of 9/11 where she served domestically at LAX and overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as part of a Medical Evacuation Squadron.

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Christy's Vision

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The Goal

Each child is precious.

Each child has a unique mix of talents and aspirations.

Parents, the schools, and the community must work together to create healthy schools where the joy of discovery is never lost. If they do this, the children in their care eventually will develop, mentally and physically, into young people with the tools to confidently begin the journey to adult life.

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Christy's Solutions

Christy Lozano has eighteen years of experience as a local teacher, teaching every grade from elementary to high school, and has been an active parent within the Goleta Union School District.  She knows that a bond of trust between parents, teachers, and students is the foundation of every good school. That trust is built on open communication, agreement on goals, and agreement on how to reach those goals.

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School curriculums should be easily available for parents and members of the community to see.  Everything taught in the classroom should be accessible, anytime.


Educational Outcomes

Teaching methods should be judged by outcomes. Schools, methods, and curriculums that are leading the way will be the models.  We need to expand educational opportunities in the arts, music, sports, and STEM.  Because of some of the longest COVID school closures in the nation, we have a lot of ground to make up.



Our Goleta schools must be safe for students, teachers, and staff.  We should never define down or ignore violence.  Christy will ensure that teachers and staff in the district are fully trained in safety protocols and restorative methods.



Keep political activism off campus. Teachers should not be asked to bring politics into their daily lessons. Christy will focus on the academic skills that will help students succeed in life.


Engaged Leadership

Christy knows that leadership means, first, listening—to parents, teachers, staff, and the whole community. She will work tirelessly to make sure that our schools serve the students’ best interests. She will help bring parents and teachers together on one of the most important jobs we have—making sure that the children who are our future, will, by the end of their schooling, have the knowledge and the character to be productive citizens and leaders.

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